Lock them up: A quick look at Chile’s new antitrust regulation

By Benjamin Gomez

Competition law in Guatemala: An instrument for solving current national problems -corruption in processes of public procurement-

By Luis Pablo Cóbar Benard

Development and Competition: A useful tool for Salvadoran growth

By Flor A. Calvo

Ten Years of The Competition Superintendence – Past, Present, and Future

By Marlene Tobar

Telecommunications Industry, Market Failures, and Government Intervention in El Salvador

By Carmen Ortiz

The Chain Reaction of the Poultry Cartel in Chile

By Benjamin Gomez

How Does Competition Policy in Venezuela Look Like?

By Francisco Beneke

The Close Relationship between the Sugar Industry and Antitrust in Latin America – The Colombian Cartel

By Amine Mansour and Francisco Beneke

The Adoption of Modern Competition Policy in Latin America – Part II: South America

By Francisco Beneke

The Adoption of Modern Competition Policy in Latin America – Part I: North and Central America and the Caribbean

By Francisco Beneke

Competition Law in the BRICS Countries and the Automotive Parts Industry

By Amine Mansour

Uber: Competition Between Platforms, Innovation and Economic Policy in Colombia

By Victor Ayalde Lemos

The Center for Competition Law Studies in Colombia and its 20th year Anniversary

Editorial Team, DWA

An Analysis of One of El Salvador’s Landmark Merger Cases in Lalibrecompetencia

Editorial Team, DWA

The Sugar Industry in El Salvador: a Case Study for Competition Authorities around the World 

By Francisco Beneke

Mexico’s New Competition Law

By Francisco Beneke

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