About DWA

Why a blog that focuses on developing countries?

Antitrust law in developing countries faces unique challenges. In many countries, the competition laws are relatively recent and the enforcing authorities are embedded into peculiar economic, political and social contexts.

Whereas some big and/or fast-growing developing countries, such as China, Brazil, Mexico, India and so on, already enjoy significant attention, the blog aims to be more comprehensive and present developments in a wide variety of jurisdictions. Therefore, we will welcome posts from guest authors who wish to inform the competition law community of current events or ideas that are being developed around the world. If you are interested in writing a guest post please feel free to contact us at either francisco.beneke@ip.mpg.de or amine.mansour@coleurope.eu and send us the title of the post and a small abstract.

What is the purpose of the blog?

We will post regularly about current developments in the enforcement and academic fields. The diverse nature of the ideas, concepts, particularities of the laws and cases that arise in the developing world need to be shared and disseminated as much as possible to enrich the discussion that surrounds competition law and policy.

Being a blog, and not a network or a journal, we have the luxury of informality. This is ideal specially because we want to generate a discussion on issues that arise around the world from many perspectives. Therefore, our commentators, guest authors and ourselves can be as politically incorrect as we choose to. Above all, we are more interested in generating a debate, getting your comments and feedback rather than all the burden of the work falling on us.

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  1. […] vías de desarrollo y fue lanzado a finales del año pasado (ver más sobre el perfil del blog acá). Sus dos editores tienen excelentes credenciales. Francisco es un abogado salvadoreño enfocado […]


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