The Center for Competition Law Studies in Colombia and its 20th year anniversary

Editorial Team, DWA

The Center for Competition Law Studies (CEDEC) in Colombia was founded on March 1995. In its 20 years of activity, it has set an example to the academic community in the region. Its commitment to the development and dissemination of ideas in Latin American competition policy is evident in the wide range of activities in which the center is involved: its monthly meetings serve as a forum for the study of the latest developments in competition law in Colombia and Latin America; it manages an academic journal that publishes on a yearly basis papers on competition policy in the region; and, its members have been actively publishing books and academic articles on the subject and teach in graduate programs in Colombia, among other activities. As one can clearly see, the center makes a point of keeping itself busy.

The activities of the center and others in the region, such as the Centro de Libre Competencia in Chile and the Instituto Brasileiro de Estudos de Concorrência, Consumo e Comércio Internacional in Brazil, make a significant contribution to the study of the specificities of competition policy across countries. This is why in DWA we receive with joy the news of CEDEC’s 20th year anniversary. For more information about the center, check out their website. From our part, we wish CEDEC every success in the years to come.

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